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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Valtius NFT Auctions

1. How can I participate as an artist in Valtius NFT Auctions?

– To auction your artwork, first acquire the VIP Auctioner plan, which allows you to upload your artworks to our platform for auction.

2. How do I acquire VIP Auctioner?

– You will need to create an account, deposit with BTC or USDT in Deposit Section to get Valtius Tokens, and purchase the VIP Auctioner plan from the pricing section.

3. How do I submit my artworks to the platform?

– You will fill out a form where you’ll set the initial price and specify name, description and link of your artwork, it must be stamped . You will also select the start and end dates of the auction.

Submit your artwork

4. Can I promote my artwork before the auction?

– Yes, you can showcase your artwork on the homepage for increased exposure before the auction. This generates visibility and attention for your artwork, you can ask for availability

5. How do I get paid for my works?

– After your work is sold in the auction, we transfer the collected amount to your account within 48 hours. We will deduct 10% commissions of the auction and the extra commissions will be charged by the artist.

6. Where do 10% of the commissions go?

– Once the artwork has been auctioned 90% goes to the artist and 10% of the artwork goes to the Holders Pool, here Valtius takes nothing and bets on the growth of the ecosystem.

7. How does the system ensure the authenticity of my works?

– The validation system ensures that only authentic works are accepted. Additionally, our validation procedures ensure the quality and authenticity of the works.

8. Are there any restrictions on themes or styles of the works?

– There are no specific restrictions on themes or styles. However, we reserve the right to reject works that violate our policies or standards.

9. How can I interact with the bidding community?

– You can respond to comments and questions from the Valtius community in Telegram or Discord

10. Is there a fee for submit my works to Valtius?

– Yes, there is a 10% fee for auction your artworks, it is going to holders pool.

For more information or assistance, please contact our support team. We look forward to seeing your incredible works in our auctions!

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